Improve Web Presence and Customer Experience with Live Chat Support Services

As companies rely more and more on their brand image to generate sales, any insincerity shown during customer contact can come back to haunt them. Therefore, enhancing customer experience has become the main priority of companies these days.  In the past, businesses primarily depended upon call centers for communicating customer services. However, nowadays, the spread of ecommerce platforms from different industries across the World Wide Web has created new requirements. Customers now want instant response, which is not always possible to provide via queue-ridden customer care processes. A better option comes in the form of live chat support services.

Why Chat Support Services Work in the Modern-Age?

The biggest reason why chat support services work is because of their simplicity. It is all too easy to navigate to a chat window placed at the bottom of the page than to pick up your phone, make a call to the toll free number and then wait in a never-ending queue; at the end of which (it is likely) you might get an agent that is hard to understand.

Also, the new generation of buyers includes many youngsters who are extremely impatient and are not ready to go through all these rigors when it comes to seeking help. They would much rather explore the Internet to find the answer to their queries and if not satisfied, are likely to leave a spiteful comment to tarnish your brand’s image. This is where live chat support services can come to your rescue by preventing damage to your online image. Also, these services can help you earn brownie points over the competitors that do not run a dedicated chat support service.

Innovative Chat Support Services for Business Advantage

When you run chat support outsourcing services, you should not just impart regular run-of-the-mill services but look to excel in the field. Below are some ways to leverage your chat support services to enhance web presence and improve customer experience:

Integrate live chat support services into the customer relationship management tool

Customer relationship management tool better known as CRM, when integrated with Live Chat Support Services tool, provides a better representation of customer interactions across all channels. It becomes easier for call center agents to access Live Chat information and vice versa. Therefore, a customer who has made a contact before does not have to repeat himself after changing the mode of communication.

Correct routing of chat by setting up the right priorities

It has been experienced that chat support process becomes inefficient when routing of the chat is not done right. When the chat lands at the workstation of a non-specialist, the time it takes to resolve queries increases. To ensure that all chats are routed to the correct department, it is important to set up the right priorities before the chat lands, so the customer always reaches the right executive every single time.

Canned responses that address the issue directly

Canned responses can expedite the resolution of an issue. As an organization, you should exercise due diligence while drafting canned responses so that your agents do not have to struggle with queries that could have been solved with a simple click of the button.


Live chat support services provide an innovative way to deal with customer issues. Not only these services cater to the impatient nature of youngsters, they also provide you a convenient way to enhance your web presence. However, for chat support services to be effective, you need to improvise the process and allow for new features and functionalities like canned response and CRM integration. In case, you are unable to do it by yourself, it is a good option to partner with a competent vendor like Noida Exim Pvt. Ltd.

At Noidaexim, you get access to the best software and human resources. Also, the chat support services provided by Noida Exim Pvt. Ltd are completely scalable and can be molded to meet the unique requirements of your business.

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