Why Invest in Call Center Outsourcing Companies for Information Verification?

The rise of fraud in day-to-day business processes has created a need for reliable information verification services that can catch fraudulent activities. Businesses simply cannot rely on customers’ goodwill for carrying out crucial business operations. Most businesses have realized the potential of call center outsourcing services and have started investing in procuring services of accomplished vendors.

Classification of Call Center Outsourcing Companies Based on Verification Types

In order to choose the right call center outsourcing companies for verification purposes, it is essential to understand their classifications. Based on market segmentation, information verification services can be divided into the following domains:

  1. Education – It is important to verify the records of students and teachers, so as to provide them scholarships, perks etc. Hence, the field of education requires specific verification services that meet its unique requirements.
  2. Public services – It is important to check the credentials of people who provide critical public services e.g. law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs etc. Thus, specialized verification service for checking the records of potential employees in these critical departments is required.
  3. Startups and small businesses – With over 30 million businesses spread over different regions in the US, verification of small business owners and startups is essential.

There are many specific verification services provided by call center outsourcing companies that are intended for certain critical tasks. Below is a list:

  1. Verification to prevent discount abuse – It has been seen that many employees share with their family members the discount schemes that are specifically provided to them by the company they work in. When abused over a period of time, such discount schemes can incur huge losses for the concerned organization.
  2. Out-of-date credential verification – It has also been seen that many records stay active even after their expiration date. This can lead to a situation, in which, people with ulterior motives can use the expired IDs to commit frauds. There are many call center outsourcing services providers out there who can help in finding and closing such expired accounts.

There are basically two types of verifications that can be performed for eliminating fraudulent activities.

  1. Verification of identity – This type of identity verification is done by checking the ID card proofs such as driving license, social security number etc.
  2. Verification of attributes – Verification of attributes is done by gaining access to an authoritative data source and by utilizing different verification methods e.g. SSO-based validation and IP-based verification.


Finding the Right Verification Service Provider

There are many verification service providers out there, however, the best ones are the most hard to find. A great way to find a reliable verification services provider is by scanning the list of call center India outsourcing companies. Companies in developing countries like India are not only economical but they are also blessed with a skillful workforce that has years of experience in handling verification services work. Especially the companies in the Delhi NCR region should be looked at and analyzed for best results in the critical task of information verification.

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